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“The FIIDO M21 allows up to 100km of range, with all-terrain fat tires and a non-slip tread design to help you easily traverse treacherous terrain such as jungle, sand, rocky beaches and puddles. This is simply the Land Rover of bicycles.”

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Nothing says powerful like Fiido M21. A new and improved torque sensor does wonders for rider comfort and natural acceleration. Add to that rugged ultra-thick tires and fascinating off-road capabilities, and you get an ultimate daredevil!

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The Fiido M21 protects you from rough terrain with its top-notch suspension. The 20-inch wide wheels provide stability, and the 4-inch tires give you improved balance. All of these features make it a safe choice for your off-road adventures.

Blending Efficiency With Capability!

The Fiido M21 is the ultimate fat tire electric mountain bike, packed with features for the most demanding off-roaders. With a super-accurate torque sensor, responsive power delivery and smooth acceleration is guaranteed along with exceptional energy efficiency. The dual suspension system and 4" fat tires ensure a comfortable ride even on rough roads and hilly terrains… and the dual disc brakes provide stability and control. The powerful 500W brushless motor and 48V 11.6Ah Lithium-ion battery work together to let you travel up to 100km without running out of energy. To top it all, you have a backlit LCD, dual lights, dual fenders, a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, and a quick foldable frame for enhanced portability.



















Removable battery

Shimano 7S drivetrain

Dual suspension

Backlit LCD panel

Dual disc brakes

Responsive Power Delivery

One of the most recent upgrades in the Fiido lineup is a top-notch torque sensor. The Fiido M21 fat tire electric bike packs a super-accurate torque sensor that precisely detects the amount of force put into the pedals, and adjusts the motor power in almost real-time. This accounts for responsive power delivery, acceleration that feels natural, and smoother rides in general.

Smooth Sailing Ensured

When it comes to off-road electric bikes, suspension is one of the most crucial things to take into consideration as a buyer. Fiido has equipped the M21 fat tire electric bike with a class-leading dual suspension system for dampening the effects of rough roads and hilly terrains. Combine that with bumpy 4” fat tires and Shimano 7-speed gears… and it’s always smooth sailing!

Rugged and Sturdy

You wouldn’t want to head off into the wilderness without the right ride. Thanks to its ultra-thick rugged tires, the Fiido M21 offers the peace of mind every off-road electric bike rider needs for their adventures. The tires are 4-inches wide and pneumatic. Also, the 20-inch wheels allow for greater stability and improved balance. The alloy frame is also one of the sturdiest out there.

Robust Powertrain

Thick tires alone aren’t going to get you anywhere, you need a robust source of power too. The Fiido M21 compensates for this through its heavy-duty 500W motor. It’s a brushless motor, mounted at the rear hub of the e-bike - the optimal place for motors on off-road electric bikes. Moreover, the 48V 11.6Ah Lithium-ion battery lets you travel up to 100km (62mi) without running out of juice.

Enhanced Portability

Considering the fact that the Fiido M21 is built for the mountains and beyond, you must be thinking, this off-road electric bike must weigh a lot. Although that’s a reasonable conclusion, it’s far from the truth. In fact, the M21 weighs a feathery 25kg only, a net product weight that is unrivaled in the industry for an e-bike of this caliber. The frame is also foldable for enhanced portability options.

Made for Off-Roading

A 500W strong motor comes with a wide-range 7-speed derailleur, the top speed of M21 can reach 25mph, which assists to reach your destination promptly regardless of terrains or weather conditions. The high-torque 48V 11.6Ah battery can achieve rapid starting acceleration and a maximum range of 62 miles, enabling you to travel long distances with ease.

Accurate Torque Sensor

Complementing this with a torque sensor to sense the force put into the pedals is a significant improvement, which can achieve low latency, accuracy, and maintenance-free. This improves the handling of the bike making it much more intuitive and enjoyable to ride, while also making it safer.

Increased Portability

A great deal about e-bikes that people love is their portability. Not only you can use them but to get from one place to another, but you can also fold them and take them with you through stairs or the subway. The same goes for Fiido M21. It has an impressive folding mechanism which reduces it to tiny dimensions. Also, it takes only 3 steps to fold this thing. Combine that with its light ne weight, and you’ll get great off-road electric bike portability.

Air-sprung Fork

The suspension forks eliminate bumps that the travel they provide for the front wheel is ideal for making difficult trails feel more comfortable. It also increases the rider’s control in especially rough terrain, makes the well-performed M21 guarantee safer and smoother cycling.

20×4-inch Pneumatic Tires

FIIDO M21 has two large 20-inch wheels with extra-wide rims, with all-terrain fat tires and a non-slip tread design to help you easily traverse treacherous terrains such as jungle, sand, rocky beaches, and puddles. This is simply the Land Rover of bicycles.



Max Speed



100km/62 Miles

Motor Power



48V 11.6Ah


Shimano 7 Speed


Torque Sensor


Dual Disc Brakes


Hydraulic Coil Sprung Fork

Recharge Time





LCD Display


20×4.0" Fat Tire


25kg/55 lbs

Max Load

120kg/265 lbs

Water Resistance



1 x M21 eBike

1 x Pair of Pedal

1 x Pair of Fenders

1 x Charger

1 x Open Spanner

1 x Adapter

1 x Allen Key


What's included in the box and how to assemble the Fiido M21.

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