How To Keep Your eBike From Getting Stolen

Parking your eBike anywhere is among its many benefits. You no longer have to line up to get a decent parking space. You also need not wait for hours to have an available spot. It means more free time for the things you need to do.
However, leaving your electric bike anywhere also increases the chances of your electric bike being stolen. Criminals have been slowly targeting eBikes due to their price and the growing number of users.
Regardless of their motivation and criteria of which eBike to steal next, you need to do your part in keeping your investment safe.
With the increasing cases of eBike theft, it does not mean you cannot do something about it. Here, we aim to help you answer the long-debated question – how to keep your eBike from getting stolen?

How To Keep Your eBike From Getting Stolen

Being proactive goes a long way in safekeeping your electric bike.
The good news is the eBike community has been helping every rider to not fall victim to this scheme. The measures they have been recommending range from simple to those that require you to invest in pieces of equipment to guard your eBike against those wanting to take them.
But where do you start in keeping your electric bike safe from thieves?

Get a Sturdy Lock

Locks are the underrated heroes in keeping your electric bike safe.
eBike thieves usually follow a common strategy on which bike to take. They would first assess where you left your bike. Next, they will look if there are lock/s attached. At this point, they are assessing the chances of breaking the lock attached to your electric bike. After evaluating their success rate, it is time to take your electric bike.
Due to how easy it is to take an eBike, long-time riders recommend investing in multiple locks in an electric bike. Having several locks attached to your bike will slow down thieves and gather more attention from passersby. They recommend placing these locks on parts that could be easily damaged so thieves will not be too confident to break these locks.
However, it should not be any lock you see at home or the cheapest one at the store. A sturdy, highly capable lock from a reputable brand helps keep your eBike in one piece.
But locks come in different shapes and sizes, which is the perfect one for your eBike? These are the most common locks we find protecting electric bikes.

wheel lock ebike

  • Cable lock – While it is commonly used among bikers, experienced riders do not recommend using this lock. It is easy to tamper with and does not provide any protection over your electric bike.
  • Disc brake lock – If your electric bike comes with a disc brake, it is the only way that this lock will work. However, in terms of protection, it offers the same level as a cable lock.
  • Wheel lock – Also known as Amsterdam locks, a wheel lock is a must-have when owning an electric bike, or any bicycle. 
  • U-lock – The U-lock is the most recommended lock for any electric bike. This lock is sturdy and highly dependable to deter thieves from getting your bike.

Be Aware of Your Location

While more establishments are putting a place to park your electric bike, it is always best to find a location where people can easily see anyone trying to steal your bike. Additionally, a well-lit location is the best place to leave your electric bike when you are out at night.
Thieves do not want any attention. If your bike sits in a high-traffic area or in a spot where they are easily seen, there is a chance that a good samaritan will approach the bike thief and start asking him questions.
If you are confident enough, you can also opt to leave your electric bike in a hidden alley. Here, thieves are less likely to catch a glimpse of your eBike. But, there’s also an increased chance that nobody will see when a thief decides to target your bike.

Bring the eBike Inside

Some establishments, like a shopping center or a supermarket, will allow you to tow your bicycle inside. Having it with you is the best way to prevent it from being stolen.
But isn’t it a hassle to tag along while shopping or eating? Going for a foldable electric bike is the best way to go if you want to take your electric bike inside a building. We highly recommend getting an eBike with this mechanism, especially if you live or work in an area where there are high cases of theft.
eBikes with this feature are also lightweight, which makes them easier to bring anywhere. The Fiido D21 electric bike is a great pick for a folding eBike.
This Fiido eBike comes with a lightweight, folding aerospace-grade aluminum frame. It also comes in an easy-to-conceal copper color to easily blend with any background. Given its design, it also does not sacrifice performance with a 250W motor and a 36V 11.6Ah battery.

Take the Battery With You

If you can’t bring your electric bike inside, taking the battery makes it worthless.
Electric bike thieves usually have their eyes on something highly valuable. Removing the battery of your electric bike will render it useless unless they choose to replace it.
There are also electric bike thieves who only take batteries instead of the whole eBike. Choosing an eBike with a removable helps keep your bike away from thieves’ eyes. 

The Vtuvia SK20 electric bike is one example of an eBike with a removable battery. It comes with an easy-to-remove 624Wh lithium-ion battery. This battery provides a maximum range of up to 45 miles on a single charge.

Attach a GPS Tracker

There are a lot of GPS trackers available today. You can take a pick and attach it to your electric bike. These devices also offer a big help when you find it difficult to find where you last parked your electric bike.
If you are short on cash or just want to be a little creative, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by 3D printing. If you have a 3D printer, it is recommended to make a dummy GPS tracker to confuse eBike thieves. Like how the dog warning signs in homes and businesses, this dummy tracker fools thieves into thinking that extra work is required if they take your electric bike.

Mix Your Daily Routine

Besides investing in safety equipment and bringing your eBike inside, confusing thieves also help in preventing your electric bike from being stolen.
While we are creatures of habit, mixing up your routine can keep no-good-doers on their toes while targeting your electric bike.
You can start by trying to switch up the days or hours you visit the local grocery or coffee shop. It is also best if you can walk or take public transportation on some days when heading to work or school.
If it is impossible to leave the house without your electric bike, varying the places where you park can make things more difficult for them. 

Don’t Make Your Electric Bike Stand Out

An aesthetically pleasing electric bike makes it stand out from others. For some, their eBike’s design is an extension of their personality. However, loud prints, vibrant colors, and cutting-edge pieces of equipment make your eBike an ideal target for most criminals.
If you already own a unique-looking electric bike, then you should make it less desirable.
Sometimes called the “uglification,” this strategy aims to make your electric bike less appealing not only to thieves and other passersby. It does not mean removing your electric bike’s paint or using low-quality tires. This process involves fake rusting or paint-splashing the eBike frame, or wrapping the handlebars in masking tape.
If you don’t want to go that far and you are only about to pick up an eBike, it is also best to pick the most low-key electric bike. The eBike market has been deluged with a variety of options in recent years. This development comes as a piece of good news. It allows you to pick the design and features you need most.

The Engwe C20 Pro is one of those eBikes that packs the features but comes with a simple design. This electric bike comes with gray or black paint on its frame. These color options also help in camouflaging your eBike in any environment.


Is it possible to distract criminals from taking your electric bike?
Yes! All it takes is to think like a criminal. That’s the first thing you need to do to safeguard your eBike. Then add a little creativity to make sure any criminal will have to do the work before they can get your bike.
We are confident that by following these recommendations, you can keep your eBike from getting stolen!

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