Fiido D21 Electric Bike

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“It’s lightweight, portable, and comes with all the features you need to make your commute easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a way to beat the traffic or you’re simply tired of pedalling uphill, the Fiido D21 is the perfect solution.”


“The Fiido D21 is going to be great for anyone looking for a lightweight folding electric bike. The D21 will appeal to riders who are looking for a more natural and intuitive pedal assist feel – the torque-sensing system is, in my opinion much better than the on/off feel of cadence pedal assist.”

The Ultimate Folding Electric Commuter!

When it comes to urban commute, the Fiido D21 is in a league of its own. Equipped with a top-of-the-shelf torque sensor, this 20" folding electric commuter bike ensures a smooth, natural, and highly responsive ride for up to 100km (62 miles) on a single charge. While the 250W rear motor provides efficient power, the Shimano-7 gear system takes ride control to the next level. The anti-slip tires and dual disc brakes guarantee a stable and safe ride… and the convenient folding mechanism makes it easy to transport and store. The D21 has a removable seat post battery for convenient charging, and an aircraft-grade aluminum frame with sleek lines and internal wiring. It weighs just 17.5kg… and is the perfect blend of responsive riding, reliable performance, and terrific portability!



















Efficient torque sensor

Seatpost Lithium battery

Shimano 7S transmission

Folding aluminum frame

Mechanical disc brakes

Fiido D21 Electric Bike

Smooth & Responsive

The ultra-precise torque sensor has a high sampling rate compared to the cadence sensor and works in almost real-time to ensure a smooth and efficient ride. It allows the rider to have a more natural feeling ride, and helps conserve battery power by only providing the necessary amount of power to maintain the desired speed. All in all, it is an awesome enhancement in terms of latency, response time, and accuracy of the pedal-assist you get from the e-bike.

Feathery Alloy Frame

Inheriting most of its design and characteristics from its predecessor D11, the Fiido D21 folding electric commuter bike has a stylish and ergonomic design. Not only is it efficient and gets the job done, but it is also easy on the eyes and attractive than your average e-bike. The frame has a sleek build, a glossy finish and a clean exterior with internal wiring. Most importantly, it is feathery light… and the whole e-bike weighs just 17.5kg.

Fiido D21 Electric Bike
Fiido D21 Electric Bike

Reliable Performance

The internal technicalities of an e-bike determine its performance, and no surprise, the D21 offers reliable performance. With its 250W motor sitting cozily on the rear wheel, the Fiido D21 can output some serious watts. Also, the conversion ratio of the electrical power supplied by the battery and the mechanical power produced by the motor is super impressive. Consequently, you can enjoy an extensive range of up to 100km (62mi).

Safe & Stable Ride

One of the key factors to take into consideration before buying an electric bike is its ride stability. Luckily enough, you’ll have no complaints in this department if you opt for the Fiido D21 folding electric commuter bike. It’s got 20” wheels with anti-slip tires that are 1.75” thick. That makes a statement about the stability of this electric bike, and a good one at that. You also have all-weather reliable disc brakes that you can count on.

Fiido D21 Electric Bike
Fiido D21 Electric Bike

Convenient & Portable

Being a 20" folding electric commuter bike, the Fiido D21 offers terrific portability. You can fold it to minimalistic dimensions and carry it around anywhere. You can also fit it in the trunk of your car, and be back on the go in no time - all thanks to its efficient folding mechanism which allows the rider to fold and unfold the bike in just three quick steps. How’s that for increased portability and rider convenience?

High-Efficiency Motor

Fiido D21 has a 250W motor, which although sounds not all that powerful, accounts for the compactness and lightweight of this foldable electric bike. The brushless motor provides enough power to tackle all kinds of urban roads and even steep, rugged terrains at a very energy-efficient cost – what more could one ask for!

Removable Seatpost Battery

The D21 comes with a top-notch 36V 11.6Ah battery, which improves the overall convenience factor of this foldable electric bike by a great margin. How? It is a removable seat battery that you can charge both in-frame or externally. Also, the battery is designed to last long to offer an extensive range of up to 100km (62mi).

Praiseworthy Body Structure

The D21 body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, and its weight does not exceed 18kg. And its body is ergonomically designed, so it doesn’t get tired after a long ride, making the D21 as light as possible without compromising its performance and comfort.

Top-Notch Gear Shifting System

Shimano is known industry-wide for its commendable components and vehicle parts. This is exactly why Fiido D21 has a Shimano 7-speed gear shifting system. Furthermore, this transmission mechanism allows the user to pick from 3 adjustable levels, hence making it easier for different types of riders to make their foldable electric bike conform to their riding style!

Accurate Torque Sensor

Complementing this with a torque sensor to sense the force put into the pedals is a significant improvement, which can achieve low latency, accuracy, and maintenance-free. This improves the handling of the bike making it much more intuitive and enjoyable to ride, while also making it safer.



Max Speed



80-100km/50-62 Miles

Motor Power



36V 11.6Ah


Shimano 7 Speed


Torque Sensor


Dual Disc Brakes

Recharge Time





LCD Display


20×1.75" On-road Tire


17.5kg/39 lbs

Max Load

120kg/265 lbs

Water Resistance



1 x D21 eBike

1 x Pair of Pedal

1 x Pair of Fenders

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Installation Tools

1 x Adapter


What's included in the box and how to assemble the Fiido D21.

Unlock the speed of Fiido D21 for a more thrilling riding experience.

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