When it comes to electric bikes, there are loads of things that you should do. But, in this post, we will go through a load of Electric bike mistakes to avoid. So you will know precisely what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Wash Your Electric Bike Upside Down

Flipping your electric bike over makes it easy to wash, as it stays upright, and you can reach everything. However, washing an electric bike upside down is a bad thing to do.

Most electric bikes have drain holes in the motor and battery to allow water to run out as you ride. These holes will also let water in if you wash your electric bike with them pointing upwards.

Letting water into these holes will fill your bike up with water, which won’t do it any good in the long run.

Don’t Leave Your Battery Flat At The End Of A Ride

When you get home after a ride, you may be tempted to put your bike away and forget about it. However, you should never leave your battery with no electricity in it.

The first problem you will encounter is that your battery won’t have any juice for your next ride. But, leaving the battery flat will impact on its health.

If you know you are going to ride your bike in the next few days, charge the battery up to 100%. But, if you are going to leave the bike stored for a while, charge the battery to around 60 to 70%. This is the perfect level to balance the battery’s cells, which will extend the battery’s life.

Don’t Fit A New Chain To A Worn Out Drivetrain

One of the cheapest parts of an electric bike to replace is the chain. But, fitting a new chain to a worn-out drivetrain is a big no-no.

Your new chain will not mesh with the gears properly, causing it to jump off the cassette and bad gear shifting.

Therefore, you need to keep an eye on chain-wear and replace your chain more often. If you replace a badly worn chain, you should also replace the cassette and chainring at the same time.

Never Leave Your Battery on Charge For Longer Than It Should Be

Leaving your battery on charge for a few days is a bad habit to get into. Some chargers are pretty smart and will cut out when the battery is full.

By leaving the battery on charge, you could get a malfunction causing damage to the battery or even a fire. A good way of avoiding this problem is to fit a timer to the plug. Set the timer to 4 or 5 hours, and it will cut the power to the charger, making sure you don’t leave it charging for too long.

Don’t Race A Roadie

Riding an electric bike at a high assistance level will have you coming up behind other cyclists quickly. It can be tempting to blast past them with a smug grin on your face. Electric bikes have a limited pedal-assisted speed, so as soon as you reach a downhill or level section of road, they will be able to blast past you.

If you pass a roadie, say “hi” and expect them to catch you up later on.

Don’t Work On Your Bike Upside Down

Some jobs are much easier when you flip your electric bike over. But this is one of the main electric bike mistakes to avoid, as it can cause damage.

Your handlebars, shifters, brake levers, and seat will get scratched, making your bike look tatty. You can also damage the LCD and controller, which are things you really don’t want to replace.

To work on your bike properly, buy yourself a work stand. Work stands are inexpensive and give you easy access to all the parts of your electric bike. They clamp your frame without scratching it while holding it at a convenient height to suit the job you are doing.

But, if you are out and about and need to fix your electric bike, you should try to keep the handlebars off the ground. Rest the handlebars on something to elevate the bars and to prevent damage to the controls. A couple of tree branches or even some rocks under the grips will do.

Don’t Expect Tubeless Tyre Sealent To Fix Everything

Tyre sealant is great at preventing most punctures, but sometimes it just cannot deal with everything your tyre experiences. If you ride an electric mountain bike with tubeless tyres, you can get a hole in the tyre that the sealant cannot fill.

Long slits and ripped sidewalls won’t be repaired by sealant as you ride. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry a spare inner tube with you so that you can get home.

Never Start Your Ride In Turbo Mode

Always start pedalling with the lowest level of pedal assistance selected. You will be able to save your battery power, so you can ride further before you need to charge. Also, when you drop down to lower assistance levels later on to extend your range, it will feel like your motor isn’t doing anything.

To really get the most out of it, ride the first few meters with the assistance switched off before selecting eco mode. You will be surprised at how much assistance you get even from eco mode.

Don’t Work On Your Electric Bike With The Power Switched On

One of the most common electric bike mistakes is that it is pretty easy to forget that your electric bike is switched on when you do some maintenance. If your chain comes off during your ride, turn the bike off before attempting to put it back on. You don’t want your fingers in the way of the drivetrain being turned by a powerful electric motor. 

Never Ignore Error Codes

The LCD on the handlebars gives you lots of information from speed, distance, battery status and assistance level. It also flashes up error codes indicating problems with your bike.

Electric bike’s software monitors the motor and the battery. If there is a problem, it will tell you for a reason. Ignoring the error code and switching your bike off and on again is a bad idea. You want to get to the bottom of the problem, so you can fix it and make sure there is no lasting damage.

Don’t Contaminate Your Brakes

Disc brakes on electric bikes are very powerful. They need to be to cope with the extra weight and speed they have over conventional bikes. 

However, if your brake pads or discs get contaminated, their performance will be compromised. They can be contaminated easily, with the oils from your hands or a careless spray of WD40, chain lube or bike polish.

To keep your brakes safe, avoid touching the discs and pads. Also, when you are cleaning and maintaining your bike, make sure you don’t get any substances on them. It is a good idea for you to cover the brakes with a cloth to protect them.

Don’t Ride Unprepared

Big electric bike mistakes stop you from riding, so you need to be prepared. If you use your electric bike for commuting, you won’t need to take much with you. But, a spare inner tube and the tools to replace it are essential.

But, if you are going on an epic electric mountain bike ride, you need to be more prepared. You should take everything you need to keep your bike moving.

It would be best if you thought about carrying a multitool, pump, tyre levers and some cable ties. If you are going on a much longer ride, you may want to bring an extra fully charged battery with you.

Also, you should not forget about yourself. It is best to take more food and water than you think you will need. This way, you can be sure to have enough provisions until you get back home.

Don’t Forget To Buy A Bike Lock

Some electric bikes are more desirable to thieves than others. But, even the cheapest electric bike will provide a bike thief with an easy way home.

Therefore, if you leave your electric bike anywhere, you should secure it with a good bike lock.

Buy a bike lock that is tough and strong, and use it to chain it to an immovable object. Some electric bikes have built-in locks on their frames and motors. These stop people riding off on your bike, but they can still be carried away.

Some people lock their bike with a very cheap lock, these may divert a thief’s attention to a bike that isn’t locked, but they can be broken easily.

Final Thoughts On Electric Bike Mistakes

Following these tips will keep you safe and your electric bike running smoothly. They will also save you money in the long run, as your bike will be less susceptible to damage.

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