An electric bike lets you travel much faster than a conventional bike without you having to exert as much energy, all thanks to their electrical assistance. But how fast can they really go? What are the fastest electric bikes in 2023? What are the factors that determine e-bike speed? Well, these are some of the questions we will be answering today.

What are the Fastest Electric Bikes in 2023?

When you think of an electric bike, you probably imagine a hulking, awkward monstrosity with a limited speed and only a few miles of battery life. Luckily, that’s not really the case anymore. In recent years, electric bikes have come a long way. 

The market for e-bikes has grown significantly thanks to renewed interest and demand from potential riders who want to ditch their cars for more eco-friendly transportation options. As a result, more and more manufacturers are releasing some pretty fast electric bikes, which can keep up with the vehicular traffic on the road.

Below, we have listed some of the fastest electric bikes that you can get in 2023. Keep in mind that all of these are commercial production e-bikes with a price tag of around $1,500-$2,000. We have not included the limited-edition electric bikes in our list as they can practically cost you a fortune. 

For instance, the Revolution XX from HI Power Cycles is the fastest electric bike in the world in 2023. It’s powered by a monstrous vehicle-grade motor and can hit an ungodly speed of 70+ mph (110+ km/h). BUT it’s produced in limited numbers and costs $20,000!

With that cleared out, let’s dive straight to the list of the fastest electric bikes in 2023.

Tesgo Hummer PRO – 34mph (55km/h)

Hailed as the Hummer-equivalent in the e-bike market, the Tesgo Hummer PRO is one of the fastest electric bikes you can get in 2023. It has a formidable 48V 1000W powertrain that can let you sail at 34mph (55km/h). 

Besides letting you leave everyone in the dust, the Hummer PRO is also extremely capable at hills. To keep you safe, it features sensitive hydraulic disc brakes with power-off levers and to keep you comfortable, it features a stellar dual suspension system as well as bumpy 4” fat tires.

The aluminum frame is foldable and has a maximum payload capacity of 360lbs (which again is, one of the highest in class). The maximum assisted range is around 70 miles, all thanks to the massive 17.5Ah removable Lithium battery, and you also get a color LCD for easy ride monitoring.

Learn more about this electric bike here.

Gogobest GF700 – 31mph (55km/h)

If you weigh more than average and you want a super-sturdy bike that can easily endure your weight besides also hauling your camping gear, the Gogobest GF700 might be the one for you. 

Thanks to a high-strength frame made of aviation-grade 6061 aluminum alloy, the GF700 can effortlessly bear loads up to 440lbs (200kg). It’s unarguably the most a commercial non-cargo e-bike can endure.

In addition to that, the GF700 features gigantic 26×4” puncture-resistant tires for hard-core off-roading on the most rugged of terrains. 

You also have dual hydraulic disc brakes with quick heat-dissipation rotors, Shimano 21-speed gears for efficient hill climbing, and an adjustable & lockable front fork that works with saddle shock absorber to ensure smooth rides.

The most notable thing, however, is that it has dual 500W motors, working at each wheel to enable a top speed of 31mph (50km/h). Learn more about this electric bike here.

Vtuvia SN100 – 31mph (55km/h)

The Vtuvia SN100, with its top speed of 31mph (55km/h), is one of the fastest electric bikes that you can take on the most daring of adventures. It’s a fat tire hunting electric bike and is available in super-cool camo colors.

Understandably, it features a super-strong frame, a powerful in-house 48V 750W motor with a max torque of 80Nm, dual hydraulic brakes, sturdy front fork, and a reliable transmission from Shimano.

The 26×4” gigantic off-road tires have a puncture-resistant liner and an anti-slip tread to let you go where others can’t… and the ride handling is one of the best in class. Learn more about this electric bike here.

Gosen Q7-DB – 28mph (45km/h)

If you want an off-roading machine that not only packs power, but also packs enough range to let you go for a week without requiring you to charge it again, the Gosen Q7-DB is what you want.

Featuring 48V 13Ah & 48V 18Ah dual batteries neatly integrated into the down and seat tubes, the Q7-DB has a total energy content of 1488Wh (1.5kWh) and can go up to 140 miles (225km) on a single charge. 

It’s also quite powerful too. Thanks to the 1000W brushless motor with 85Nm motor, it can hit 28mph (45km/h) within seconds. 

Other highlights include a folding frame able to endure 350lbs, a cargo rack to haul your gear, dual hydraulic brakes for efficient stopping, dual suspension for comfortable sailing, 20×4” fat tires for all-terrain riding, and plenty of other cool features.  

Learn more about this electric bike here.

Coswheel T20 – 28mph (45km/h)

With a formidable 48V 1000W powertrain that shoots you to 28mph (45km/h) within just seconds, the Coswheel T20 is one of the fastest electric bikes you can get in 2023. It has a huge 48V 25Ah battery that packs 1.2kWh of electrical energy and allows you to ride for up to 80 miles (128km) on a single charge. 

The Coswheel T20 looks more like a motorcycle – and it thankfully performs just like one. While an impressive front fork paired with a rear spring suspension ensures smooth sailing on rough tracks, the hydraulic brakes make sure you can stop when and where you want.

Moreover, you have massive 26×4” puncture-resistant knobby tires to defeat sand, snow, mud, and hills… and an incredibly high-strength frame with a load-rating of 350lbs (159kg). Learn more about this electric bike here.

Bezior XF001 – 28mph (45km/h)

If looks and comfort are what you value the most in a ride, the Bezior XF001 can be a great e-bike to consider. With a giant padded saddle, front suspension fork, and bumpy tires, the XF001 ensures a stellar experience. 

It also looks different on the road – all thanks to its minimal build, retro styling, a big motorcycle-style headlight, and leather-covered handle grips. 

The XF001 can also be a great beach cruiser for those users who want to ride on sand and make the most of their beach trips. Thankfully, it’s also quite capable as well.

Equipped with a monstrous 1000W powertrain, this fat tire e-bike can effortlessly hit speeds up to 28mph (45km/h) and can climb any hill you want to conquer. Learn more about this electric bike here.

Fiido T1 – 28mph (45km/h)

If you want an off-roading e-bike that has enough power, a lot of range, and plenty of storage options, the Fiido T1 is your best bet.

The T1 comes with a 750W brushless motor that’s fueled by a gigantic 48V 20Ah (almost 1kWh) battery. It means you can hit speeds up to 28mph (45km/h) and can continue your adventures for up to 93 miles (150km) on a single charge. 

The design is as minimal, utilitarian, and stylish as you can imagine. You have a low step-through frame for easy mounting, a big motorcycle-styled front headlight, and cool spokeless wheels.

The most notable thing, however, is the insanely sturdy frame. The T1 has a class-leading load capacity of 440lbs (200kg) and it comes with a front basket and a sturdy rear rack to haul whatever you want. The rack is rated at 176lbs (80kg) of payload and has an attractive wooden top as well. 

Learn more about this electric bike here.

Cyrusher XF690 Maxs – 28mph (45km/h)

With a formidable 48V 1000W motor rocketing you to a top speed of 28mph (45km/h), the Cyrusher XF690 Maxs is one of the fastest electric bikes you can buy in 2023. 

It has a high-strength folding frame capable of hauling a stunning load of 330lbs, Zoom dual hydraulic disc brakes, and a remarkable dual suspension system with a motorcycle-grade front fork.

You also have a class-leading 27-speed transmission from Shimano to shift gears with the push of a button and take on any challenge you encounter. 

Learn more about this electric bike here.

Engwe EP-2 PRO – 28mph (45km/h)

While most of the high-speed electric bikes on the market cost around $1500 or more, the Engwe EP-2 PRO is an exception. Made by a brand known to deliver unrivaled value for the price-point, the EP-2 PRO comes equipped with every LAST thing you might need… and costs just over $1000.

From a sturdy front fork to a sturdy rear rack to a sturdy aluminum frame capable of withstanding 330lbs (150kg), it’s the real deal. You also get integrated lights, integrated fenders, and a large mid-mounted LCD panel. Not to forget the capable 4” fat tires!

As for the powertrain, the EP-2 PRO has a brushless 750W motor capable of accelerating it to 28mph (45km/h). The 48V 13Ah battery is one of the most efficient in class and can enable you to cruise for up to 75 miles on a single charge. If you’re looking for a fast e-bike on budget, look no more. It’s the absolute best you can get!

Learn more about this electric bike here.

What Factors Impact Electric Bike Speed?

Even though motor output is the single biggest factor that determines the speed of an electric bike, the actual speed that you’ll experience on ground depends on a number of other factors as well. 

Some of them include the weight of the e-bike, the total load it carries, the number of gears it has, how aerodynamic its shape is, the kind of terrain you’re riding on, the slope of the ground, your riding posture, and the wind conditions, to name a few.

The speed also depends on how fast you pedal as well as what mode you’re riding on. The top speed on throttle mode is always less than what you can get when riding at the pedal-assist mode. As a matter of fact, all top speeds mentioned above are pedal-assist speeds.

Your final speed would also depend on your local speed regulations. For instance, in the US, you can ride at 28mph (45km/h) max on the pedal-assist, while the throttle mode can only help you cruise at 20mph (32km/h) max.


So, this was our list of the fastest electric bikes in 2023.

These electric bikes can actually help you replace cars. If you have a job that requires you to undertake a long commute everyday, you can easily make it on time, when you’re using one of the bikes we mentioned above. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting too tired during your shift, because you can let the motor do most of the work… and pedal only when needed.

In case you want to buy an electric bike for yourself, be sure to visit our collection as well. We offer various e-bikes in all price ranges for all types of riders. You can visit our line-up here!

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