With electric bikes surging in popularity and new brands popping up all the time, finding the right e-bike can be difficult. The sheer number of options available on the market at every price point can be overwhelming… but not anymore. To help you with your buying decision, we have listed our favorite e-bikes below. Just read on and we hope you’ll stumble on one that perfectly matches your requirements.

Best Overall: Fiido X

The Fiido X is one of the best e-bikes that you can buy for urban use today. It’s compact, lightweight, foldable, stylish, and fun.

The Fiido X features a torque sensor pedal assist system that samples your pedaling input a thousand times per second (cadence sensors can do that just 3-14 times per crank rotation, based on the number of magnets they have). This insanely high sampling frequency ensures a natural, intuitive, and highly responsive ride. In addition to that, a torque sensor delivers power at an insanely efficient rate, which means you can expect a surprisingly long range even with smaller batteries, just like in this e-bike.

The Fiido X has a DMEGC 417.6Wh lockable seat post battery that allows an extensive mileage of 130km (80.7 miles) on a single charge. In addition to that, it features a Shimano 7-speed transmission, an LED display with a USB charging port, and dual hydraulic brakes. Another notable feature is the sleek and feathery light magnesium frame that doesn’t only look great but also folds down to minimal dimensions within just seconds.

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Best Value: Engwe EP-2 PRO

If you’re looking for an all-purpose ride that can haul you decently without breaking the bank, the Engwe EP-2 Pro can be a great option. It features a powerful 48V 750W XingDa brushless rear hub motor fueled by a super-efficient 48V 13Ah Lithium powerpack. The battery provides 25% more mileage than its class, enabling you to undertake longer adventures.

And since the EP-2 Pro has 20×4” anti-skid all-terrain fat tires from CHAOYANG, there’s nothing to hold you back. The tires work with front suspension to absorb any shock or impact before it makes it to you, allowing for comfortable and longer rides. You also have a Shimano 7-speed transmission, a sturdy rear rack, and a backlit Yonglim color LCD to monitor all stats on the go.

Another impressive thing to note is the quick-folding aluminum frame that allows for easy storage and transport. Simply put, it’s almost impossible to find another bike on the market that can give you so much for just over $1000.

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Best City: Hurley Carve

If you want an efficient, reliable, affordable, and neat ride that you can use for your daily commute to and from work, the Hurley Carve can be it. With its battery stealthily hidden in the downtube and no distasteful wire wrapping around the frame, the Carve looks like a simple bicycle and is the perfect ride to confuse the bystanders about where you’re getting that super-human strength from.

It has a durable 700c steel frame to endure any reasonable load, reliable brakes to stop instantly, and a smart display to let you monitor all your ride stats on the go. With a single-speed drivetrain, the Carve is perfect for those who want a simple and low-maintenance urban ride without draining their bank account.

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Best Fat Tire: Cyrusher XF900

If you’re looking for a fat tire beast that won’t give up no matter how formidable the track is, the Cyrusher XF900 can be a good choice. Equipped with gigantic 26×4.0” Kenda all-terrain fat tires with an anti-skid knobby tread and puncture-resistant liner, nothing is inaccessible to you when you’re on this e-bike.

Besides the unrivaled off-road capability, the fat tires also help smoothen bumps and undulations that you encounter in your ride. You also have a motorcycle-grade dual suspension system as well as a seat post suspension to practically float even on the most rugged of terrains possible.

The 6061 aluminum alloy is as sturdy as you may want and the powertrain is as monstrous as a road-legal e-bike can have. While a 750W Bafang motor with 70Nm torque ensures effortless hill climbing, a removable 816Wh Lithium battery makes sure the fun keeps going for up to 62 miles on a single charge. And to ensure safety during all those daring adventures, the XF900 has Zoom hydraulic brakes to let you stop the moment you want.

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Best Stylish: Hurley Mini Swell

When it comes to making you the center of everyone’s attention, no electric bike does it better than the Hurley Mini Swell.

With a minimal design, breathtaking retro styling, and generous use of leather, the Mini Swell turns every head both on the road and off it. While the fluffy leather saddle, combined with a front suspension fork and bumpy all-terrain tires, keeps your ride comfortable, the motorcycle-style twist throttle with leather-covered handgrip keeps it fun and exciting!

The 4” tires from Wanda have an anti-slip tread to defeat sand, snow, mud, or any tricky surface you want to ride this bike on. And thanks to the 48V 500W brushless hub motor fueled by a lasting Lithium powerpack, you have enough power to undertake any adventure. If you want a fat tire beach cruiser with an unmistakable presence and a super-comfy ride, the Mini Swell is it.

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Best Mountain: Metakoo C300

If you’re looking for an affordable electric mountain bike, the Miclon Cybertrack 300 can be a good option.

Powered by a 48V 500W brushless geared hub motor, the Cybertrack 300 packs enough torque to make uphill climbing a breeze. The drivetrain is fueled by a lasting 499.2Wh Lithium powerpack that takes just 3 hours to recharge, all thanks to an advanced quick charging mechanism.

The most notable highlights of the Cybertrack 300, however, are its gigantic 27.5” mountain tires and the class-leading Shimano 21-speed transmission system. The tires are 2.1” thick and have an anti-skid wear-resistant tread, making them perfect for mountains. Likewise, the top-notch transmission system means you can use extreme gear ratios to your advantage and climb any hill you like.

To top it all, the Cybertrack 300 also has an adjustable and lockable front suspension fork to ensure smooth and comfortable rides.

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Best Cargo: Fiido T1

If you’re looking for a reliable cargo hauler that can accompany you on any adventure, no matter if off the road, the Fiido T1 can be a great choice.

The Fiido T1 comes with a sturdy rear rack, a front basket, and a pair of formidable 20×4” CST fat tires. It means you cannot only haul as much gear as you need, but you also don’t have to worry about all those pesky terrains that you encounter during your camping trips. And thankfully, you have a powerful drivetrain to decently negotiate them.

The 48V 750W brushless geared hub motor has enough torque and the 20Ah Lithium battery has more than enough juice to make sure you get the most out of any weekend trip. Under average loading conditions, you can expect an astonishing 150km of range on a single charge. You also have a Shimano 7-speed for seamless gear shifting and a sturdy front fork for smooth rides!

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Best Off-Road: Vtuvia SN100

For those who want an unstoppable ride partner for insane off-road adventures, the Vtuvia SN100 is the way to go. It is powered by Vituvia’s in-house 750W brushless hub motor rated at 80Nm of torque and is capable of hitting ungodly speeds over 30mph. Sounds too much? Well, it is!

The monstrous drivetrain is perfectly complemented by an equally capable set of 60 TPI KENDA fat tires. These 26×4.0” all-terrain tires have an anti-skid texture and a puncture-resistant build to defeat every track and enable hardcore off-roading. They also double down as shock absorbers to help the MOZO hydraulic front suspension fork in ensuring a pleasantly comfortable experience.

While there are lots of things to like about the SN100, what we like the most is its stylish color LCD that keeps you updated with all ride metrics in the best way possible!

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Best Mileage: Gosen Q7-DB

If you’re looking for a long-range commuter that can confidently take off the road as well, the Gosen Q7-DB is the one for you.

With a 48V 13Ah (624WH) battery integrated into the top tube and a 48V 18Ah (864WH) battery integrated into the seat post, this dual battery e-bike has a whopping 1488Wh of output at its disposal – which translates to 140 miles of range on a single charge. In other words, you can practically ride this electric bike for a week without having to plug it into a socket. Speaking of which, both batteries are removable for easy charging.

Besides the unrivaled mileage, the Gosen Q7-DB has a 6061 aluminum folding frame with 350lbs load capacity, a 48V 1000W monstrous rear motor rated at 85Nm torque, dual hydraulic brakes with power cut-off brake levers, dual suspension to absorb all impacts in your ride, and 20×4″ CHAOYANG fat tires with anti-skid tread. It’s the perfect all-terrain ride for longer adventures!

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Best Folding: Zhengbu K6

If you’re looking for a folding city e-bike that looks good and is light on the pocket, the Zhengbu K6 can be a great option. With an attractive design and super-stylish one-piece wheels made of Magnesium alloy, both the K6 and its rider are the center of everyone’s attention when it strolls a road. It’s lightweight, compact, and folds in seconds.

As for the drivetrain, the K6 features an efficient 48V 500W brushless motor that works with an equally efficient Lithium battery to power your commutes. You also have a Shimano 7-speed transmission to seamlessly shift gears and make the most of the power supplied by the motor.

Despite its affordable tag, the K6 comes complete with everything from front and rear lights to dual disc brakes to a rear cargo rack to an ergonomic display. It even has a unique rear suspension system to make your rides safe and comfortable!

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Best Folding Fat: Tesgo STT

If you’re looking for an ultimate speed demon that can take you anywhere you want without any spatial restraints, the Tesgo STT is it. With a behemoth nominal power output of 1000 watts and up to 85Nm of torque at its disposal, the STT glides on tracks and shoots up hills.

Thanks to the Shimano 8-speed gears, you can have better control over your ride, and thanks to the 720Wh removable Lithium powerpack with Samsung cells, your rides last long. The remarkable performance is complemented by 20×4.0” anti-slip, anti-puncture fat tires to make you unstoppable even on the toughest of terrains.

Moreover, the STT has a foldable aluminum frame for easy storage and transport, so as to make your camping trips more fun than ever. It also has an impressive suspension system, a dual hydraulic brake system, and a color LCD to make monitoring your ride easy and fun.

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Best Budget: Fiido L3

If you’re looking for a long-range electric bike on a budget, look no further than the Fiido L3. Equipped with a gigantic 48V 23.2Ah (1.1kWh) Lithium battery, this compact mini commuter lets an average 75kg (165lb) adult cruise up to 200km (124 miles) on a single charge on flat terrains.

Besides the ultra-long mileage, it has a compact build and a lightweight aluminum frame that quickly folds to a minimal package of 0.17m³. The frame has a 330lbs load capacity and also has a sturdy rear rack to haul your cargo.  

The seat post is quite comfortable and both the saddle and the stem are height adjustable to make sure you ride in an ergonomic posture and don’t tire yourself out on longer commutes. The best thing is that you also have a cellphone holder with a USB charger to keep you connected on the go. The L3 is unarguably the most you can get from $999!

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We hope you were able to find what you were looking for. If that’s not the case, don’t worry. We have a LOT of great e-bikes for you to choose from. Explore our complete lineup here.

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