Fastest Electric Bikes in 2023

Fastest Electric Bikes in 2022

An electric bike lets you travel much faster than a conventional bike without you having to exert as much energy, all thanks to their electrical assistance. But how fast can they really go? What are the fastest electric bikes in 2023? What are the factors that determine e-bike speed? Well, these are some of the […]

Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike?


Electric bikes are an excellent alternative to conventional bikes that can be found almost everywhere. They use electric power to assist you in your rides, allowing you to cover large distances in the most convenient way possible. But that’s just one of the reasons why you should buy an electric bike. There are so many […]

What to Look for in an eBike?

Electric bikes

Electric bikes, also known as eBikes or pedelecs, are becoming increasingly popular. As car ownership becomes more expensive, commuting by eBike is a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative.  An electric bike works the same way as a normal bike except that it has a small motor to assist the rider. The electric motor on an eBike […]

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in recent years, and for good reason: they are fun, capable, and portable.  When you ride an eBike, you don’t have to worry about the car that might frequently get stuck in traffic or the parking spot that might be too small. You also don’t have to […]

How Much Does a Good eBike Cost?

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Electric bikes are a great way to get around in an urban environment. They’re perfect for commuters, busy professionals, and anyone else who needs a little help getting from point A to point B. They are also helpful in tackling rough terrains, rocky paths, and jagged hills If you have been planning to buy an […]

How Long Do Electric Bikes Last on One Charge?

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Electric bikes are a great way to get from A to B. They’re incredibly convenient, especially for urban dwellers who don’t own a car or for those who need something to handle tricky terrains like hills and gravel roads.  Not only are electric bikes easy to ride, but they can also save you loads of […]

Best Price Guarantee

Best Prize EBIKE

Did you find a lower price elsewhere? Just get in touch and buy at the same rate. Eridefox offers Best Price Guarantee so that you can be sure of buying our products at the best rate possible.  As a bulk wholesaler of personal mobility products, we are able to offer the most competitive prices on […]

Best E-bikes in 2023 for Every Rider


There are so many electric bikes out there that choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To help you out, we have listed our favorite e-bikes below.

E-bike Laws Around the World


As electric bikes surge in popularity, the laws around them continue to evolve. Here’s an overview of e-bike regulations in different parts of the world.