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Eridefox Spring Sale

Get $30 off Selected E-Bikes

Eridefox Spring Sale

Get $30 off Selected E-Bikes

Metakoo Cybertrack 300

1 Metakoo Cybertrack 300

Fiido D4S

2 Fiido D4s

Bezior XF900

3 Bezior XF900

Fiido T1

4 Fiido-T1

Hurley Amped

5 Hurley-Amped

Vtuvia SF20

6 Vtuvia-SF20
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Alexander Gogele Hurley Mini Swell

"The Mini Swell has a stunning design. I receive numerous compliments for its style, which is unarguably different. The ride is always effortless, whether the roads are smooth or bumpy. The brake system works perfectly. But most importantly, it’s extremely comfortable. I can't express how much I adore my Mini Swell!"

Hurley Mini Swell

Ferhat Özer Hurley Mini Swell

"Awesome bike, the riding position is excellent.. quick and extremely comfortable. I can definitely recommend it to everyone.. but what i like the most is big saddle and leather styling.. i use it mainly for beach trips and it always turns heads when i’m there.. i love the throttle mode because pedaling it can sometimes be hard."

Hurley Mini Swell

Karl Irons Engwe EP-2 Pro

"The Engwe EP-2 pro is so much fun to ride. I chose this fat tire bike after doing a lot of research before making my purchase. It is simple to ride along with friends who don't have electric bikes on PAS level 1. And if you want to keep up with traffic and ride at greater speeds, you can simply turn up the Pedal Assist levels."

Engwe EP-2 Pro

Roberto Carlos Agudo Muñoz Engwe EP-2 Pro

"My daughter absolutely adores the EP2 PRO, which I purchased for her. She has driven it for more than 200 miles in the last two months. We have not encountered any issues with the bike so far. I decided to go for this bike after doing a lot of research (YouTube reviews, to be honest) and I am glad about my decision. "

Engwe EP-2 Pro

Mbaye Ndiaye Engwe EP-2 Pro

"I live close to a regional trail and have used this bike there for over a month. The battery life is excellent even though the trails are extremely hilly and I mostly use assist level 3. I am fully satisfied with it so far. Since I haven’t interacted with customer service, I am unable to comment on that.. but the bike is recommended."

Engwe EP-2 Pro

Nicolas De Lecuberrieta Fiido D4S

"The Fiido D4S is so much fun to ride. A fun little bike that I can easily use to move around, just what I wanted. The ride is smooth and the battery lasts a very long time. I have even taken it on really long rides and found it perfectly adequate.The only thing that could be improved is the seat, which I plan to replace soon."

Fiido D4S

Eli Reid Fiido D4S

"I primarily purchased the D4S for errand running, most of which are within 10 to 15 miles of my home. I've now completed more than 150 miles on this bike and I am absolutely loving it. It is comfortable, portable, and capable. I weigh around 142 pounds and the battery life I get is very close to what the website says."

Fiido D4S

Michael Bywater Fiido D4S

"I cannot express how much I like my Fiido D4S. It has a responsive motor, is easy to ride, and is well-engineered overall. I mostly pedal for exercise and use the assist levels but when I need to start quickly to cross an intersection, I use the throttle.The customer service is just as excellent. I plan to return for a 2nd bike next month."

Fiido D4S

Alan Williams Eridefox

"Eridefox is a great place to buy electric bikes. I recently bought a Fiido electric bike and I had a great experience buying from this site. The customer service is great and the delivery was rapid (I got my bike in 4 days). It was also packed really well. I was riding my bike after just an hour of it being shipped to my place!"


Lyes Kouadria Eridefox

"I love the customer support at Eridefox. I purchased an Engwe Ep-2 Pro for my wife last week. It arrived well packed within one week. Being our first electric bike, we were having trouble with the LCD unit as it won’t show anything. We contacted the support staff at Eridefox and they helped us resolve the issue the same day."


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